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Pirate Captain Sela, Set #4292

Photography by Klickus Mobilius
Makeup by Seven Seas
Tank top by Miss Kidd
Corset, boots, and very, very tight pants by Sweet Tart
Sword from "Captain" Jack Sparrow Supplies
Hat stolen from some guy she killed on the high seas

KM: What makes you hot?
Sela: I command a ship, I'm an expert sailor, and I can defeat any man in a swordfight.
KM: They say you're also a princess.
Sela: They say a lot of things.
KM: Great tan! Is it "all over?"
Sela: I'll let you imagine, but this interview definitely is.

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playmogal   [May 11, 2011 at 10:36 PM]
HaHaHa! Loved the outfit and credits!

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